Subregional Office for Central Asia (SEC)

SEC functions

Through the services provided by FAO SEC, it is now possible:

  • to  monitor progress towards international goals and targets – among others the Millennium Development Goals;
  • to promote a better knowledge and understanding of FAO and SEC mandate, areas of competence, comparative advantages and modus operandi; 
  • to identify priority areas for cooperation and assistance from FAO in general and the SEC in particular, including partnerships with other multilateral agencies and IFIs;
  • to identify lessons learned and opportunities for improvement of ongoing and future programme delivery;
  • to identify possible cooperative initiatives with the Governments of the subregion;
  • to assist countries in policy formulation, legislations and capacity building through FAO’s instruments;
  • to identify priority areas for orienting FAO operational actions in the subregion;
  • to prepare various strategic documents for regional and national level interventions in the Central Asia region;
  • to involve systematically in the design of the new UNDAF cycles;
  • to closely follow possible emergency situations so as to be ready to offer urgent support to governments, where needed;
  • to mobilize the multidisciplinary team of technical officers to better respond to the priority needs of the countries in the subregion.