Subregional Office for Central Asia (SEC)

Land and Water Management

In Central Asia, land degradation and increased pressure on renewable water resources are some of the biggest threats to food security and livelihood improvement faced by all the five Central Asian countries.

The core of FAO’ land and water resources programme in Central Asia is to provide technical assistance and enhance institutional capacities on mainstreaming and scaling up of sustainable land management to combat land degradation, drought preparedness and management, modernization of irrigation systems, improvement of water use efficiency and crop water productivity. It is also committed to strengthen the policy dialogue on transboundary water resources management (e.g. Aral Sea Basin).

The Organization is also continuously updating data and information on water and agriculture (AQUASTAT) and strengthening the quantity and quality of soil data and information (Global Soil Partnership) in Central Asia.

Land and Water Resources Officer: Ines BEERNAERTS


  • FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper No. 63 – ‘Modernizing Irrigation Management – the MASSCOTE approach’ (2007) EN RUS 
  • FAO Water Report 32 – IRRIGATION MANAGEMENT TRANSFER -Worldwide efforts and results (2007) EN RUS 

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