Subregional Office for Central Asia (SEC)

Plant Production and Protection

The main activities of FAO in the field of Plant Production and Protection in the Central Asia address:

  • providing technical assistance to plant production and protection activities in the region within the framework of the FAO Regular Programme, the Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP), the FAO-Turkey Partnership Program (FTPP) and Unilateral Trust Fund (UTF) projects that are financed by the recipient countries themselves;
  • assisting countries of the sub-region in development policies, promoting sustainable crop intensification and conservation agriculture; helping to strengthen capacity to prevent and respond effectively to transboundary outbreaks of pests and diseases;
  • assisting countries in developing policies and technologies appropriate to their needs, or the needs of the region, aimed at reducing the negative impact of pesticides;
  • assisting member countries in conservation and the sustainable use of plant genetic resources (PGR) with strong linkage between conservation of PGR, plant breeding and seed industry development;
  • providing objective, timely and comprehensive information on regional and global crop production sector trends to national governments and the international community;
  • assisting countries in the implementation of the international treaties related to plant production and protection.


Plant Production and Protection Officer:Hafiz MUMINJANOV

Recent Events 



Intensification in Sustainable Crop Production

Supporting member countries in the region for the development of polices and strategies on sustainable crop production intensification, diversification of cropping system and conservation agriculture.

FAO Response to the Risk of Outbreaks of Transboundry Pests and Diseases in Plants

Strengthening capacity of National Plant Protection Organizations in the implementation of the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs) and preventive locust and cereal rust management.

Pesticide workshop, July 2011

Reponse to the Risks Posed by Pesticides

Technical support to member countries for the development of national frameworks concerning pesticide management.

Response to the Management of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (PGFA) and Seed Systems

Support for development of national PGRFA strategies and improved capacity for development and implementation of seed programmes.

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Seed Certification of Cereals - Subregional Training in Tajikistan
Seed Certification of Cereals
Support in formulation of the national seed policies in the region, Photo: ©FAO, SEC
Support in formulation of the national seed policies
Training of future wheet breeders, Photo: ©FAO, SEC
Training of future wheat breeders