Subregional Office for Central Asia (SEC)

Plant Production & Protection - Projects

1. Government Cooperative Programme(GCP)

  • GCP/RER/030/TUR: Conservation Agriculture for Irrigated Areas in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan (2 weeks in 2 missions in each country)
  • GCP/RER/026/AUS: Increasing resilience of small scale farmers to the impacts of soaring food prices by improving capacity and institutional environment for seed production and the use of irrigation technologies.
  • GCP/AZE/006/TUR: Development of organic agriculture and institutional capacity building in Azerbaijan (20 days in three missions including 6 days deskwork)
  • GCP/SEC/004/TUR - Towards better national and regional locust management in Caucasus and Central Asia
  • GCP/RER/040/EC: Improving capacities to eliminate and prevent recurrence of obsolete pesticides as a model for tackling unused hazardous chemicals in the former Soviet Union
  • GCP/RER/034/MUL - Seed Sector Development in Countries of the Economic Cooperation Organization
  • GCP/RER/026/AUS: Baby 4 : Improving access of small-scale farmers to high quality seed in the Kyrgyz Republic
  • GCP/TAJ/010/AUS - Improving access of small-scale farmers to high quality seed in the Tajikistan

  2.Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP)

  • TCP/AZE/3401 (Baby 1): Support in formulation of the seed policy document
  • TCP/AZE/3401 (Baby 2): Support in improving the phytosanitary legislation in Azerbaijan and its harmonization with EU standards
  • TCP/AZE/3402:Development of Disease-Free Seed Potato Production in Azerbaijan
  • TCP/KYR/3305: Assistance for Locust Control
  • TCP/TAJ/3401: Assistance for Locust Control
  • TCP/TUR/3301: Promotion of Integrated Crop and Pest Management in vegetables, fruit orchards and grapes in Turkey
  • TCP/KYR/ 615883: Development of farmer field schools to promote modern crop management and pest control technologies

  3.UN One Program

  • UNJP/KYR/004/UNJ: Agricultural Assistance To Vulnerable, Food‑Insecure Female-Headed Household’s (10 days)
  • UTF/TUR/058/TUR - Protection and Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in West Mediterranean Region in Turkey (Total 19 days in 3 missions, including 6 days of deskwork)

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