Subregional Office for Central Asia (SEC)

Regional Introductory Training Workshop on Aquatic Animal Health Management

3-7 December 2012, Antalya, Turkey

The primary objective of the regional workshop is to conduct an introductory basic training on aquatic animal health to raise awareness and to serve as a basis for discussing regional issues pertaining to aquaculture development and aquatic animal health (AAH) management and draw recommendations for future activities.
Expected key outcomes of the workshop include the following:    

  1. Improved knowledge and  capacity on basic aquatic animal health management;
  2. Increased awareness of the different risk sectors affecting aquaculture and better understanding of risk analysis as a decision-making tool;
  3. Possible fisheries management tools and measures that can be used for improved fish health management in the Central Asian and Caucasus region; and
  4. Workshop report that will contain workshop highlights, analysis of the AAH performance and capacity, regional issues concerning AAH and fish health management recommendations for the Central Asian and Caucasus Regional Fisheries and Aquaculture Commission (CACFish).

 Meeting documents