Subregional Office for Central Asia (SEC)

Inception Workshop of GCP/RER/042/GFF: Lifecycle management of pesticides and disposal of POPs pesticides in Central Asian countries and Turkey

(19-21 February 2014 Ankara-Turkey) The inception workshop of GCP/RER/042/GFF was conducted by the Sub-regional Office for Central Asia of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO-SEC) of the United Nations at the International Agricultural Training Center in Ankara, Turkey on 19-21 February 2014.

The objective of the workshop was to launch the project, present the components and outputs to stakeholders, define roles and responsibilities and discuss and develop a work plan in order to produce a full-fledged project document. The workshop was attended by 26 participants: the representatives from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan,  Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey and experts from Milieukontakt International and FAO. 

Mustapha Sinaceur, FAO Sub-regional Coordinator for Central Asia, stressed the significant threat of pesticide and obsolete pesticide (OP) in the region to human and environment. Sinaceur also stated that FAO has a perspective and a comparative advantage in managing pesticide and OP around the world.

Kevin Helps, from Plant Production and Protection Division of FAO,  presented the management of obsolete and new pesticides and regional capacity development components. Helps highlighted the importance of national support to implement the project successfully and achieve the expected results.

After an overall review of the status of OP and pesticide management in the region, FAO and other organizations’ activities on the subject were presented, gap analysis and overall project expectations were discussed.