Subregional Office for Central Asia (SEC)

Regional Ad hoc Training on Trout Culture in Net Cages to be held in Manisa, Turkey

Manisa, Turkey-25-28 March 2014

Under the scope of FISHDEV, the biggest fisheries and aquaculture project under FAO-Turkey Partnership Programme (FTPP), a regional training on Trout Culture in Net Cages will be held between between 25-28 March 2014, in Soma – Manisa. The training will be organized by FAO in close cooperation of Azer Altin Trout Company Ltd  which is one of the biggest trout producer in net cages, in a dam lake with their annual 900 tones production.  

The training will provide an intensive practical information and experience to the trout producers and fish culture experts who will be nominated by their Ministries that the directorate of fisheries and aquaculture has been working under.

After the training, it is expected that the participants are going to play a key role to establish a cage culture unit and assist in developing national strategies/policies on cage culture in their countries. The information that will be provided to the participants during the training are:

  • General information of a mooring system of the cage farm;
  • Introducing net cage types and production methods;
  • Planning a trout production in net cages/Farm Management; and
  • Daily activities and processes in a cage farm (net changing, feeding, grading and hatching)

Under the supervision of Mr. Ozgur Altan (Aquaculture Expert of FISHDEV) and Mr. Gokcay Altin (MSc, General Director of the Company), the training will also be supported by the selected cage culture and trout production experts from the universities and private sector.