Subregional Office for Central Asia (SEC)

Regional Ad Hoc Training on Live Food Production

Cesme, Izmir, 4-7 March 2014

Within the scope of FishDev Central Asia (GCP/RER/031/TUR : Central Asia Regional Programme for Fisheries and Aquaculture Development), FAO organized a regional ad hoc training in close cooperation of Pinar Sea Food Company in Cesme, Izmir on March 4-7 2014.

Under the supervision of Mr. Ozgur Altan, Aquaculture Expert of FISHDEV, and Mr. Uzay Senturk, General Director of the company, the training provided an intensive practical information and experience for the larvae producers and fish culture experts who were nominated by the Ministries of Agriculture of Central Asian countries. The training was also supported by selected plankton production experts during the feed management applications.

The information that will was provided during the training is:

• Managing a fish hatchery unit in a fish farm;

• Introducing commercially important plankton and zooplankton species, feed management applications;

• Planning annual production strategies and calculations methods, and

• Assessment of production problems and their solutions.

Background information:

The aim of the training is to demonstrate production techniques for live food as well as its application on larviculture. Beside various aquaculture activities; larviculture, hatchery and nursery operations are becoming increasingly important in the region. The cultivation of larvae is generally carried out under controlled hatchery conditions and usually requires specific culture techniques which are normally different from conventional nursery and grow-out procedures. Related to this, success of any farming operation for fish depends upon the availability of a ready supply of larvae or seed. 



Workshop Presentations