Subregional Office for Central Asia (SEC)

Republic of Azerbaijan / FAO National Medium-Term Priority Framework (2010–2012)

Photo: Government of Azerbaijan20 April, Baku, Azerbaijan - During the press conference organized within the context of 28th FAO Regional Conference for Europe held on 19-20 April 2012 in Baku, National Medium-Term Priority Framework (NMTPF) document was signed between HE. Ismat Abasov,  Minister for Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Mr. Mustapha Sinaceur, FAO Subregional Coordinator for Central Asia and Representative in Azerbaijan in the presence of FAO Director-General Mr. Jose Graziano Da Silva. Journalists from about 30 different newspapers and electronic mass-media took part in the press conference and in the signing ceremony.
During the signing ceremony Mr. Sinaceur has delivered a statement about the NMTPF document, its goals and outcomes, main thematic areas identified for FAO prioritized interventions to the country in the areas of agriculture, rural development, fishery and forestry.
This document, co-owned by the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the FAO of the UN, indicates the broad commitment of FAO to assist the Government in its efforts to achieve national development objectives as described in the main National State Programs and Strategies.   In order to ensure FAO’s comparative advantages, maximize synergy and increase aid effectiveness, the NMTPF also took into account the relevant strategies and priorities identified by FAO’s partner agencies.      
The formulation of this NMTPF has involved an iterative review of national priorities for food, agriculture, forestry and fishery development as well as the analysis of major ongoing and planned development programmes in the Republic of Azerbaijan and exchanges with both national and international stakeholders identified through a mapping exercise carried out by the FAO Sub-Regional Office for Central Asia. 
The Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and FAO, through the consultative process described above, agreed that FAO activities, during the NMTPF cycle 2010-2012, should focus on the following five thematic priorities:

1. Enabling Environment for Investments in Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry and Fishery Development
2. Protection and Management of Natural Resources
3. Sustainable Equity-driven Agriculture Production and Income Generation
4. Strengthening the Policy and Institutional Framework for Agriculture and Rural Development
5. Capacity Building for the design, operation and maintenance (O&M) of Rural Economic Infrastructure.

By endorsing the NMTPF document, the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been committed to providing collaboration to the fullest possible extent with regard to available capacity and resources, to facilitate the achievement of the objectives and actions proposed in this document.
The NMTPF will be pursued in partnerships as broad as possible and in full alignment with the joint efforts of the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the donor community for enhanced coordination and aid effectiveness. The Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and FAO look forward to seeking collaboration and support from concerned partners vis-à-vis the successful implementation of the NMTPF.

  • Photo: Governement of Azerbaijan
  • Photo: Governement of Azerbaijan