Subregional Office for Central Asia (SEC)

Success stories

Eurasian Soil Partnership established in Russia
In the framework of the International Conference “Eurasian Food Security and Nutrition Network”, FAO, the Eurasian Centre for Food Security (ECFS), and the World Bank, in close collaboration with the European Commission, have successfully launched the Eurasian chapter of the Global Soil Partnership on November 20 2013 in Moscow, Russia. 24 September 2013, Ankara, Turkey

 Somalian Public-Private Partnership Delegation in Turkey

Study Tour of Somalian Delegation to Turkey on Public-Private Partnership
FAO Somalia Office conducted a study tour on Public-Private Partnership in Ankara and Istanbul.
4 October 2013, Ankara, Turkey

Rome-based Permanent Representatives visited Ankara, Turkey

Rome-based Permanent Representatives visited Ankara, Turkey between 22 to 24 September 2013
Permanent Representatives visited the SEC office, and met respective authorities of the Turkish Representatives of development and NGOs.24 September 2013, Ankara, Turkey

 FAO Permanent Representatives visited Kyrgyzstan

Permanent Representatives to UN FAO visited Kyrgyzstan
The visitors familiarized themselves with the activities of FAO decentralized office in the landlocked country in the heart of Central Asia.
25 - 28 September, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Opening Rural Fund in Kenjekul

Press tour  to Osh province of Kyrgyzstan within the framework of UN Delivering as One
The joined UN FAO, UN Women and WFP press tour aimed to distribute information through the media about the positive impacts of the programme on changing the life of the most vulnerable social groups in rural areas – women of low-income families. 27 September 2013, Kyrgyz Republic

 Mr Alonzi at Water Conference in Dushanbe

Special Focused Event on the use of scenario thinking to enhance water cooperation in the Aral Sea basin
FAO participated in the High Level International Conference on Water Cooperation, which was held from 21-22 August 2013 in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.
3 September, Ankara, Turkey

17th National Fisheries Symposium

17th National Fisheries Symposium
The Symposium was successfully organized by Istanbul University Faculty of Fisheries and was held in Istanbul University Congress and Culture Hall, 3-6 September 2013. Istanbul, Turkey

Farmer Field Schools in Kyrgyzstan

Farmer Field Schools in Kyrgyzstan
“Development of farmer field schools to promote modern crop management and pest control technologies" - UN FAO inception workshop. 15 August 2013, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

FAO training on crop assessment in Kyrgyzstan

FAO in the Kyrgyz Republic conducted training on crop assessment
Currently there are no strategic and consistent approach on Food Security situation assessment in the Kyrgyz Republic. A key aspect in this area is modern forecasting of gross production in the agricultural sector. It is also important to forecast productivity of plants and livestock. 5-8 August 2013, Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyz Republic

 Seed certification training in Tajikistan

Seed Certification of Cereals - Subregional Training held in Tajikistan
The training was organized within the framework of GCP/TAJ/010/AUS: Improving access of small scale farmers to high quality seed in Tajikistan, in cooperation with the GCP/RER/026/AUS: Baby 4 and SEC Regular Program on Plant Production and Protection.  3-8 June 2013,  Dushanbe

Farmers in Kyrgyzstan

FAO hands over Certificate of State Registration and Articles of Association of the Livestock Breeders in Chui province of Kyrgyzstan
FAO Deputy Representative, Ms Dinara Rakhmanova congratulated farmers, who established the first Association of Livestock Breeders and joined their efforts and resources in Chui Province. She wished the Association successful activities, prosperity, mutual support and understanding. 13 June 2013


The European Union continues supporting information system for the Kyrgyz Republic food security monitoring
In the forthcoming period the “Strengthening of the National Food Security Information System in the Kyrgyz Republic” project will continue optimizing the information system under the KR Ministry of Agriculture and Melioration, the National Statistic Committee and the Agency for Hydro Meteorology of the KR Ministry of Emergency Situation. 12 June 2013

Food Security seminar in Kyrgyzstan

Food Security seminar in Kyrgyzstan
Review of food security status at the Global level and in Kyrgyzstan took place at the Ministry of economy KR under FAO support in the framework of the project “Strengthening of the National Food Security Information System in the Kyrgyz Republic”.  15 May 2013

Investment in agriculture for a better future - FAO Press Club discussion in Kyrgyzstan
«We hope the policy in agriculture area will be improved in the Kyrgyz Republic and it will bring more investment into the sector, - said FAO Representative in the Kyrgyz Republic Dorjee Kinlay at the meeting. 22 April 2013

Conservation agriculture in Central Asia: Status, Policy, Institutional Support, and Strategic Framework for its promotion
The working document summarizing the outcomes of the study conducted in 2012 on the status of Conservation Agriculture (CA) in Central Asia to develop policy recommendations for promotion of CA. 4 April 2013

Photo: FAO Kyrgyz Republic

FAO transfers computer and office equipment to national partners in the Kyrgyz Republic
Fifty eight computers were transferred to the KR National Statistic Committee and the KR Ministry of Agriculture and Melioration. 18 February 2013

Photo: FAO Kyrgyz Republic

FAO media tour to the southern regions of Kyrgyzstan
During the press tour on 9 and 10 November 2012, the results of the two FAO/UN Women projects were introduced to journalists representing major national and international media.

Support in formulation of the national seed policies in Central Asia

Support in formulation of the national seed policies in the region
In many former USSR countries the seed sector is in transition to a more market-oriented model in which the private sector plays an increasing role. To support this process, FAO focussed on national policies that can provide a favourable climate for new entrants, leading to a more diverse seed supply system for farmers.

Women armed with new agro technologies

Self-help group from Arimjan village: We are glad that the donors found us!
After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the number of families headed by women in Kyrgyzstan increased rapidly. In many families, men have migrated to Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries in search of work, and many families have lost their breadwinners. Of the 40 women beneficiaries of the FAO/UN Women project in Arimjan village, 16 are widows.

Danakan talking about her children

Towards food security and well-being in Kyrgyzstan
Water is scarce in the region. Thanks to the project, hydro-technology specialists together with farmers have been trained how to modernize their irrigation systems using FAO's methodology. They learned effective techniques how to level their land, manage crops, and how to use water judiciously.

Farmer Field Schools - Kyrgyzstan

Where water is everything. Where water is life.
One of the main achievements of the project has been the creation of Farmer Field Schools in the pilot districts. Created as part of the programme, the 25 field schools are now continuing their work completely independently.

Photo: ©FAO, SEC


Training of future wheet breeders
This year, two young specialists together with 21 participants from 16 countries attended the three-month training course. The course took place on 01 March to 31 May 2012. 19 June 2012, Ankara, Turkey.

CACFish logo

Establishment of the Central Asian and Caucasus Regional Fisheries and Aquaculture Commission, a new Article XIV Regional Fishery Body under the FAO Constitution
The Agreement on the Central Asian and Caucasus Regional Fisheries and Aquaculture Commission came into force on 3 December 2010. The Inaugural meeting of the new Commission will be held in Turkey in 2011.

Signature ceremony

Capacity Building in Sustainable Forest Management Planning and Fire Management in Syria
The project aims at "establishment of adequate institutional capacities to undertake ecosystem based participatory forest management planning, implementations, monitoring and assessment in Syria".

 Water management in central asia

Implementation of conservation agriculture in some countries of Central Asia
FAO had supervised the implementation of several projects that provided a good basis for directional changes in agricultural development with a primary focus on agricultural production and sustainability.

Brucellosis Control Programme in Tajikistan

Tajik Veterinary Associations in Panjikent District of Tajikistan
The emergency project was mainly focused on support of vets through provision of refresher training, equipment and transportation means and the supplies of medicines and vaccines through a revolving funds so that vets can provide veterinary services on user pays system for the first time.

Introduction of modern methodologies for crop water requirement calculations
FAO has developed a computer software and worked with the Interstate Commission for Water Coordination of Central Asia to translate it into Russian language and has also provided regional and national trainings on its use and advantages over the older local methodology.