Subregional Office for Central Asia (SEC)

Somalian Delegation Study Tour to Turkey

Study Tour of Somalian Delegation to Turkey on Public-Private Partnership took place between 29 September and 4 October 2013


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)-Somalia Office conducted a study tour on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) for a Delegation from Somalia between 29 September and 4 October 2013 in Ankara and Istanbul. 

Senior level officials from Federal Government of Somalia, Puntland and Somaliland Regions and FAO Country Office were the primary beneficiaries of the study mission. 

The Delegation met with officials from Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock, National Food Reference Laboratory, Department of Strategy Development and Agrarian Reform, Meat and Dairy Institute, Turkish International Cooperation and Coordination Agency, Provincial Directorate of Food Agriculture and Livestock Istanbul and some livestock enterprises & private aquaculture marketplace.

During the mission, the Delegation members were provided relevant information on local and municipal level PPPs especially around water, waste management, fisheries, agriculture and livestock (animal production and meat processing) that could serve as a learning opportunity for the aforementioned target group.