Subregional Office for Central Asia (SEC)

Meeting with “Kimse Yok Mu?” Association Meeting with “Kimse Yok Mu?” (“Is Anybody There?”) Association

3 July 2013, Ankara, Turkey

Mr Metin, General Secretary, Mr Cetiner, International Relations Coordinator and Mr Mr. from the Turkish NGO “Kimse Yok Mu? Association ” ( “Is Anybody There? ” Association) visited SEC office on Wednesday 3 July 2013 to introduce their organization and evaluate the potential fields for cooperation with FAO.

“Kimse Yok Mu? Association” was founded in 2002 to meet benefactors and people in need within the scope of TV.  The association became an NGO in March, 2004.  Their mission  continued with humanitarian aid campaigns organized for Palestine-Lebanon, Peru, Bangladesh, Sudan-Darfur, Georgia-Ossetia, Myanmar, China, Gaza and Somalia. The association               mainly  runs campaign on education, health,  food donation, constructing etc.  The association reached people from 97  countries to convey aids of Turkish people.  They wish to increase and grow the number of charitable activities every year in Turkey and the world.

FAO’s wide experiences and practices which was tested in all     around the world was introduced and common areas  of work were discussed.

Mr. Metin indicated that they would like to invite Mr Sinaceur to their one of the at the upcoming events  to make speech/ presentation. 

Further meetings will be organized to elaborate and communicate on  joint activities.