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FAO and EU Partnership

Development projects

Evaluation and verification

Independent assessments should be made of the efficiency, effectiveness, impact, relevance and sustainability of all actions financed by the EC.

The EC may perform its own evaluation missions of FAO-implemented projects. Advance notice of intended EC evaluations should be timely communicated to FAO and draft findings shared with FAO, for comments, prior to publication. FAO’s response may then either be incorporated in a revised text, or be published along with the final report.

For mid-term or final evaluations organized by FAO, the EC should be invited to take part in the mission. Such missions should be completed in a collaborative manner, it being understood that they will be conducted under FAO's responsibility (Evaluation in FAO).

The EC may verify its actions implemented by FAO (UN). These are not audits, for which the Organization maintains the exclusive right, and samples may be taken up to a maximum of 5 transactions per “key process” (i.e. procurement, recruitment including payroll, disbursements, budget management, logistics and reporting) per project. Should a problem be found, an additional 5 transactions in the same process will be sampled. If this reveals any further problem, the matter will be referred to the Auditor-General of FAO, for appropriate action.

Requests for clarification or assistance may be referred to Bart van Ommen, Coordinator FAO-EU Cooperation, bart.vanommen@fao.org