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FAO and EU Partnership

Development projects


Based on the approved Identification Fiche, a detailed project design will be prepared and the management and coordination arrangements defined.

Upon receipt of an Official Request for technical assistance from the government(s) concerned (addressed to: ADG-TC@fao.org), FAO may take the initiative for project formulation, in close consultation with the key stakeholders, including relevant government representatives and the EC delegation. An inter-disciplinary Project Task Force is then normally established, a Lead Technical Unit (LTU) appointed to guide the process within FAO and a joint or tripartite formulation mission may be proposed.

A frequently asked question (FAQ) concerns the eligibility of in-kind co-funding contributions. Such contributions are eligible, provided they are (i) clearly identifiable and measurable, (ii) contributing to the achievement of project objectives and (iii) valued in terms of staff time. Answers to other FAQs may be found here.

Specific formats are prescribed for actions to be formulated in response to EC calls for proposals.

For all other actions, the EC will normally accept FAO’s Standard Project Document Format (FPC 2007/02).

Requests for clarification or assistance may be referred to Bart van Ommen, Coordinator FAO-EU Cooperation, bart.vanommen@fao.org