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FAO and EU Partnership

Development projects


Project ideas are identified in accordance with government, EC and FAO priorities, as reflected in the various documents referred to in the previous phase.

They may come from a variety of sources, but most importantly from prospective implementing partners, such as FAO. “Local ownership” of, and/or commitment to potential projects are main criteria for EC funding consideration.

Key assessments and tools at this stage are:

  • assessment of related ongoing and planned initiatives by EC, FAO, or others;
  • log-frame analysis, including problem analysis, stakeholder analysis and scoping of cross-cutting issues (e.g. gender, governance, environment);

FAO project ideas may be presented to the local EC delegation and other stakeholders in the form of a Log Frame Matrix, along with a short (max 1-2 pages) Complementary Note describing (i) the general/sectoral context of the proposed action, (ii) the problem to be addressed, (iii) the key stakeholders and target beneficiaries, (iv) related ongoing and planned initiatives and (v) FAO’s comparative advantage as prospective implementing agency.

EuropeAID’s Office Quality Support Group (oQSG) will be requested by the EC task manager to perform a peer review. For this, FAO may be requested to assist in the preparation of an Identification Fiche.

Requests for clarification or assistance may be referred to Bart van Ommen, Coordinator FAO-EU Cooperation, bart.vanommen@fao.org