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FAO and EU Partnership

Development projects


During this phase, the development situation at national and sector level is analysed to identify problems, constraints and opportunities which FAO-EC cooperation could address.

On the EC side, this process is led by the local EC delegation and results in multi-annual Country Strategy Papers or Regional Strategy Papers.

In addition to the CSPs and RSPs, which apply to the geographic priority regions of the EC, i.e. Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP), Asia and Latin America (ALA) and the Mediterranean basin (MEDA), Thematic Strategy Papers (current: 2007-2010)(TSPs) are prepared under DG Development leadership for selected cross-cutting issues.

FAO prepares multi-annual National Medium Term Programming Frameworks (NMTPFs) to focus its assistance at country level in the context of the United Nation’s Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) and in accordance with the Organization’s Strategic Framework. This process is led by the local FAO Representative (http://km.fao.org/NMTPF/index.php/Main_Page).

Both the EC and the FAO programming process is supposed to take place in close collaboration with the governments and other stakeholders in the countries/regions concerned. This implies the need for a continuing policy dialogue at country level, which is also expressed in the Memorandum of Understanding concerning strategic partnership between FAO and the EC.

Requests for clarification or assistance may be referred to Bart van Ommen, Coordinator FAO-EU Cooperation, bart.vanommen@fao.org