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FAO and EU Partnership

Emergency and rehabilitation projects

Appraisal, clearance and contracting

Prior to official submission of the electronic Single Form to the European Commission humanitarian aid department (ECHO), for consideration of funding, standard clearances will need to be obtained within FAO: technical, operational, budget and financial clearances.

Upon official receipt of the electronic Single Form from FAO, the relevant ECHO desk officer will review the proposal. Based on a positive decision by ECHO, FAO and ECHO will proceed with the conclusion of the Contribution Agreement.

As soon as the Contribution Agreement will have been signed, (i) the Director-General of FAO will announce the ECHO-funded assistance to the government of the country concerned; (ii) ECHO will release an advance payment of 80% of the contribution; and (iii) project opening needs to be processed to allow immediate project implementation.

For clarification on financial matters, please contact Charlotta Oqvist charlotta.oqvist@fao.org, and for ECHO-related issues please contact Angela Hinrichs angela.hinrichs@fao.org.

For all other EU-related issues, please contact Bart van Ommen, bart.vanommen@fao.org