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FAO and EU Partnership

Emergency and rehabilitation projects

Final reporting, operational and financial closure

Upon completion of the ECHO-funded action, FAO will proceed with operational and financial closure, in accordance with the Organization’s relevant rules and regulations, and submit the updated electronic Single Form, to the donor, for approval.

The final Single Form represents the narrative report and is to be submitted along with a final financial report, at the latest three months after the end date of each project. DG ECHO is asking FAO to report the financial expenditures against the project results. Against this, the budget holder needs to manually prepare a financial report which is to be cleared by FAO’s Finance Division prior to submitting it to the donor.

At this point, FAO will also request payment of the remaining 20% of the ECHO contribution, which is normally withheld by ECHO, pending approval of the above-mentioned reports.

For clarification on financial matters, please contact Charlotta Oqvist charlotta.oqvist@fao.org, and for ECHO-related issues please contact Angela Hinrichsangela.hinrichs@fao.org.

For all other EU-related issues, please contact Bart van Ommen, bart.vanommen@fao.org