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FAO and EU Partnership

Emergency and rehabilitation projects

Implementation, monitoring and reporting

Project implementation may be fully entrusted to FAO, whereby it will be the European Commission humanitarian aid department (ECHO) role to provide timely finance, management and technical support, to monitor the process and to ensure that adequate accountability is provided.

An Emergency and Rehabilitation Coordinator or Project Manager may be appointed by FAO for the day-to-day management of the project with technical guidance and support from the Project Task Force and the Lead Technical Unit and with operational support from the relevant Operating Unit/Budget Holder.

A monitoring and reporting system should provide FAO and ECHO with adequate and timely information to perform their respective roles. Narrative and financial (results-based) progress reporting will be provided through the electronic Single Form, as per the deadlines specified in the contribution agreement.

In cases of force majeure ECHO-funded actions may be temporarily suspended, but ECHO needs to be timely advised if such situations occur.

All ECHO-funded actions should give due attention to ECHO’s visibility among selected audiences in and outside the EU, in accordance with relevant EC guidelines, including DG ECHO’s complementary guidelines, and in line with FAO’s own corporate communication strategy.

Expert support in communication and specialized facilities may be requested from Maarten Roest, maarten.roest@fao.org

For ECHO-related issues, please contact Angela Hinrichs, angela.hinrichs@fao.org. For all other EU-related issues, please contact Bart van Ommen, bart.vanommen@fao.org