FAO-EU partnership
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In action

The European Union and FAO are working more closely than even before. Partnership has strengthened both organizations in achieving their shared goal of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger.
Working together on the ground in developing countries world wide, meeting to discuss policy issues and sharing know-how and information, the EU and FAO foster global food security and safety, and help promote sustainable rural development and natural resources management.

Collaboration is particularly concerned with:

Increased collaboration confirms that the EU acknowledges FAO as a key partner in its fight to alleviate rural poverty and hunger, and that it recognises the crucial role of agriculture in bringing this about.
The European Union became a member of FAO in 1991. Since 1993 the two institutions are engaged in technical cooperation, and in 2004 the EU and FAO became strategic partners.
FAO works with the following EC Directorates-General:

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