FAO and EU Partnership

The Four Pillars of the Global Governance Programme

The programme’s four main pillars of work reinforce each other. In all programme activities, special emphasis is given to strengthening the links between the food and agriculture sector and nutrition, resilience, social protection, and other emerging issues in the international development agenda. The programme also contributed substantially to the design of FAO’s Strategic Framework (2014-2018) and helped pioneer a more integrated way of working across divisions at headquarters level.

Main Areas of Work 

1. Strengthening the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) 

To foster inclusive dialogue and policy debate at all levels, the programme supports the CFS’s effort to:

2. Improving Information for Decision-Making 

Transparent decision-making based on solid evidence is essential for good food and nutrition security governance. The programme helps improve information for decision-making by:

3. Making Food Security and Nutrition-Related Policies and Programmes More Coherent and Effective 

Food security and nutrition related policies and programmes cut across different sectors including health, trade, agriculture, social development, etc. The programme therefore supports a wide range of initiatives such as:

4. Developing Capacity

The programme aims not only at strengthening individuals’ skills, but also at developing capacity in regional and national organizations. Examples of programme activities with a strong capacity development focus include:



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