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FAO and EU Partnership

Information for Nutrition, Food Security and Resilience for Decision Making (INFORMED)

Strengthening resilience of vulnerable people’s livelihoods and reducing food insecurity and malnutrition

In recent years, an increasing number of vulnerable people has been affected by protracted food crises, which have grown both in frequency and in intensity, due to natural disasters, conflicts and financial crises. Against this background, the concept of resilience has emerged as a viable framework to integrate humanitarian and long-term development initiatives.

The EU-FAO Partnership Programme “Information for Nutrition, Food Security and Resilience for Decision Making” (INFORMED) aims at strengthening resilience of vulnerable people’s livelihoods and at reducing food insecurity and malnutrition through better informed and evidence-based decision making processes.

To this purpose, the INFORMED programme provides technical, analytical and capacity development support to relevant regional and national government institutions involved in food and nutrition security, and resilience analysis for policy and programming design purposes.

The INFORMED programme is one of the main mechanisms supporting FAO’s work on food security information systems, and directly contributes to the FAO Strategic Programme “Increase Resilience of Livelihoods to Threats and Crises”.


  • Countries have access to quality data and information to support policy makers.
  • Integrated Phase Classification (IPC) becomes the standard tool to direct food security and nutrition policy decisions.
  • The resilience of vulnerable groups is supported through appropriate investments.
  • The value for money of investments is properly assessed.

The programme includes five main areas of work which reinforce each other: 


Partnerships are at the core of all programme activities. The programme is embedded within the FAO’s programme management and coordination structure. EU is both a resource and technical partner of the programme playing an active role in steering the implementation of the activities both at the country level (through European Union Delegation) and at the global level (through EC-DEVCO). 

In addition, at regional and country level, the programme is implemented building on existing partnerships, platforms, regional bodies and institutions,  and other  key partners in order to fit in with the contextual requirements.

This also ensures that the tools, guidelines and information generated by the programme are consistent with, support and add value to relevant regional initiatives and county policy processes.