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European Union budget

Funding support from the EU budget (2007-13) may be obtained by FAO in the form of Grants or Public Procurement Contracts.

Grants are financial contributions in support of projects or organizations which further the interests of the EU or contribute to the implementation of an EU programme or policy. They may be awarded following (i) direct negotiation (i.e. FAO taking initiative with a project proposal to the EU) or (ii) calls for proposals (i.e. EU taking initiative, inviting proposals, based on generally defined objectives and for selection through a competitive process). In both cases, detailed descriptions and budgets of action are to be prepared by FAO. 

Public procurement contracts are payments for the supply of goods, implementation of works or provision of services. These contracts may be awarded following calls for tenders.

Check out grant funding opportunities:

Check out public procurement opportunities:

When completing prescribed formats for responses to calls for proposals from EuropeAid, the following ID numbers are required:

FAO's EuropeAid ID number: IT-2008-FCM-1902855914
FAO’s Legal Entity File (LEF) number: 6000055556

When completing prescribed formats for responses to calls for proposals from FP7, the following ID number is required:

FAO's Participant Identification Code (PIC) for FP-7: 999608281

With respect to FP7-funded actions, it should further be noted that:

  1. these are NOT covered by the FAFAand
  2. FAO can ONLY participate as partner and NEVER as leader of consortia of (research) institutions.  

The non-applicability of the FAFA raises important issues of financial/administrative nature and for this reason TCSR should be involved as early as possible in the negotiations (bart.vanommen@fao.org).