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FAO and EU Partnership

Scaling up conservation agriculture in Zambia

€11 million in EU-funding to help over 300 000 small-scale farmers increase production


18 June 2013, Lusaka/Rome - The European Union (EU), FAO and the Government of Zambia launched a four-year, €11 million
programme to increase crop production and productivity of over 300 000 small-scale farmers by promoting practices based on conservation agriculture.

The agricultural production of smallholder farmers in Zambia is most affected by soil degradation, high-input prices, poor produce markets and poor farming practices. In response, the newly
launched programme aims to bring conservation agriculture, a
method to achieve sustainable and profitable agriculture to 315 000 farmers in nine out of Zambia's ten provinces.

"Conservation agriculture saves labour, makes efficient use of inputs, produces higher yields and is environmentally friendly. It also provides better resilience against drought and prevents soil erosion," said the FAO Representative to Zambia George
Okech, adding: "It has become a preferred means of promoting agricultural development for the 40 percent of rural population in Zambia, who depend on agriculture for their survival."