FAO and EU Partnership

A boost to Lesotho's farmers

European Union Food Facility brings substantial increase in food production


19 May 2010, Maseru/Rome - The European Union and FAO, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MAFS), are assisting over 36 000 farmers in Lesotho, more than half of its vulnerable farmers.

Soaring food prices and the recent global economic downturn struck Lesotho hard, especially the majority of its 1.9 million people that rely on agriculture. In just one year, the cost of planting crops rose more than four times. Assessments found that over half of the country's arable farm land was lying idle.

According to Farayi Zimudzi, FAO's Emergency and Rehabilitation Coordinator in Lesotho, "Unacceptable risks of hunger and household-level food shortages among Lesotho's poor soon became apparent."