FAO-EU partnership

Global Governance for Hunger Reduction

Strengthening global cooperation to eradicate hunger and malnutrition

The “Improved Global Governance for Hunger Reduction” programme seeks to improve the way in which the global community works together to eradicate hunger and malnutrition.

Global issues such as climate change, economic crisis and price volatility have a huge impact on food security. Addressing them requires UN agencies, national governments, regional organizations, non-governmental organizations and  civil society organizations to work together in a coordinated and inclusive manner.

The three UN agencies tasked with reducing hunger, FAO, IFAD and WFP collaborate closely together on this programme.

The programme aims at:

  • making the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) the key international forum for discussing and addressing hunger at the global level
  • making more food security information for decision making available
  • providing tools and guidelines for policy makers working to reduce hunger
  • developing capacity, at all levels, in producing and analyzing food security information

Themes of work include:

  • Promoting food security in protracted crises and emergencies
  • Climate change and its impact on food security
  • Price volatility
  • Food safety policies
  • Food security statistics and analysis
  • Social, economic and financial analysis for agricultural investment
  • Nutrition and dietary diversity
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Tenure of land, forests and fisheries
  • Improving food security through social protection and cash transfer programmes
  • Strengthening rural institutions, producer organizations and cooperatives

The programme also provides a suite of e-learning courses on a wide range of food and nutrition security related topics: www.foodsec.org/dl

For more information, see: www.foodsec.org

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