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Evaluation at FAO


The Office of Evaluation coordinates and conducts evaluations of FAO programmes and projects at the global, regional and national levels to ensure that interventions align strategically to the needs of the Organization and its stakeholders and produce the desired results. FAO conducts its evaluations with the involvement of relevant stakeholders to ensure that the evaluations are relevant and useful to the local communities and to strengthen the capacity of national stakeholders to conduct credible and result-oriented evaluations.

Key facts

  • The evaluation function has been an integral part of FAO since 1968.
  • The Charter for the Office of Evaluation outlines the FAO evaluation policy and the mandate for the Office of Evaluation.
  • The Office of Evaluation reports bi-annually on the evaluation function to the Conference through the Programme Evaluation Report (PER).
  • All FAO evaluation reports, management responses and follow-up reports are public documents and are available on this website.