Evaluation at FAO


The Office of Evaluation coordinates and conducts evaluations of FAO programmes and projects at the global, regional and national levels to ensure that interventions align strategically to the needs of the Organization and its stakeholders and produce the desired results. FAO conducts its evaluations with the involvement of relevant stakeholders to ensure that the evaluations are relevant and useful to the local communities and to strengthen the capacity of national stakeholders to conduct credible and result-oriented evaluations.

FAO conducts different types of evaluations

Thematic and strategic evaluations

Thematic and strategic evaluations are conducted to assess FAO’s contributions at the strategic level and ensure that programmes are aligned more closely to the achievement of the Organization’s strategic objectives. They are often conducted in response to requests by the Programme Committee and the results are presented systematically to FAO governing bodies through the Committee.


Country programme evaluations

Country programme evaluations are conducted towards the end of a Country Programming Framework (CPF) to ensure that findings and recommendations feed into the formulation of a new CPF and its implementation. These evaluations enhance understanding of FAO’s contributions and strategic relevance at the country level.


Project/Programme evaluations

Project evaluations are evaluations of individual programmes and projects that are usually funded from extra-budgetary resources and have budgets of US$4 million and above, or smaller projects of particular interest. They are either mid-term or final evaluations. Mid-term evaluations provide useful information for corrective actions during project implementation while final evaluations promote accountability and learning and help in decision-making about future projects.


Joint evaluations

Joint evaluations and syntheses reports are conducted in collaboration with the evaluation offices of other UN agencies or with other partners. FAO also participates in the Inter-agency Humanitarian Evaluation as a steering or management group member. Such evaluations provide a platform for joint reflections on how to improve the outcomes of future programmes.