La evaluación en la FAO

FAO’s Country Programme Evaluation in Cameroon 2013 - 2017


FAO’s Country Programme Evaluation in Cameroon assessed the strategic positioning of the Organization in the country and its contributions to the priority areas agreed with the Government of Cameroon for the period 2013-2017 (as identified in the Country Programming Framework).
The period covered by the evaluation was characterized by an increased instability and a deterioration of the food security situation in some parts of the country due to the spillover effects of two major regional crisis: that in Central African Republic that led to the arrival of refugees in the eastern part of Cameroon, and the insurrection of the Boko Haram sect in north-eastern Nigeria that affected the far north region leading to the displacement of internal population and the arrival of refugees from Nigeria. The evaluation analysed FAO’s capacity to adapt its programme to respond to the changing needs of the country.
The evaluation benefited from a close collaboration with the other Rome-based Agencies that also conducted evaluations of their respective country programmes and strategies during the same years. This collaboration led to a joint workshop in Yaoundé that represented an occasion for presenting the results of the evaluations to national stakeholders and discuss opportunities for future joint work.

The evaluation was presented in a Joint Workshop with IFAD and the WFP. Read more.

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