La evaluación en la FAO

Cluster evaluation of FAO’s contribution to the Pastoralist Knowledge Hub


The Pastoralist Knowledge Hub (PKH), hosted by FAO, brings together pastoralists and the main actors of the sector to foster dialogue and develop policies at the national and global level. FAO supported the Hub in advocacy and policy matters and provided technical support to pastoralists livelihood and resilience. The objective of the evaluation was to assess the extent to which the PKH has enhanced the capacity of pastoralist organizations to participate in and contribute effectively to decision-making.

The evaluation found the PKH successful in setting up regional pastoralist alliances worldwide, particularly including women and youth. However, there is strong consensus among stakeholders that the hub's structure and implementation should be reviewed. Particularly regarding engagement with pastoralist civil society and raising the quality of standards when engaging with pastoralism-related knowledge (e.g. identification, analysis, organization, dissemination). The addition of a permanent scientific advisory board is key to maintaining these standards.

Project codes: GCP/GLO/536/GER and GCP/GLO/611/GER