La evaluación en la FAO

Final evaluation of “Strengthening institutionalized subnational coordination structures and harmonization mechanisms” in Ethiopia


Recurrent droughts in Ethiopia have been contributing to chronic food insecurity, deterioration of livelihoods and weakening capacity of communities to withstand future shocks. Following the 2011 food crisis in the Horn of Africa, ‘building resilience’ became a priority agenda for the international community to move from the division of emergency and development programming to a more holistic and complementary approach for addressing the root cause of disaster risk and vulnerability factors of recurrent drought. The project, implemented by FAO between 2015 and 2019, aimed to support and reinforce existing coordination mechanisms at the regional states and zonal administration levels and enhance linkages between short-term humanitarian interventions and long term development initiatives.

The evaluation found that the project was highly relevant to the current context in Ethiopia and that resilience coordination mechanisms have been strengthened at regional levels. However, the sustainability of these efforts will depend on the commitment of Government and partners to continue strengthening the existing coordination mechanisms and their ability to convene development partners.

Project code: GCP/ETH/089/EC

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