Evaluation at FAO

Evaluation of the Emergency Prevention System (EMPRES) Programme in Food Chain Crises


In today’s inter-connected world, trans-boundary animal/ plant diseases and pests are becoming a greater concern. Countries are increasingly investing in policies and regulations to manage old and new trans-boundary diseases that threaten health, markets and the safe production of food. FAO is uniquely positioned to assist countries to scale up their capacities and manage these threats. The EMPRES programme for emergency prevention systems, built on its animal health and locust programmes, now covers plant pests and diseases, aquatic diseases, food safety and forest health under one framework. Each programme component has produced positive results where support was extended. However, the programme rarely offered countries cohesive support covering all the relevant areas. A more cohesive multi-sectoral approach would enhance visibility and allow countries to better understand the range of assistance provided, leading to better and more relevant support to countries.


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