Evaluation at FAO

Final Evaluation of the Project “Integrating Climate Resilience into Agricultural Production for Food Security in Rural Areas of Mali”


The agricultural sector in Mali is adapting to climate change while continuing the struggle to alleviate poverty and improve rural livelihoods in a conflict-affected environment. Thanks to the project "Integrating climate resilience into agricultural production for food security in rural areas of Mali” FAO supports the Malian Government and a large number of development partners on the ground by integrating climate resilience in the policies and practices of the agricultural sector. Farmer Field Schools (FFS) have proven to be the favourite and successful route in Mali for learning, exchange and experimentation by farmers of productivity improvement and integrated pest management methods. Climate resilience has become an integral part of the Farmer Field Schools promoted around the country. Drought-resilient short-cycle seeds have been selected and propagated through small-scale seed multiplication and dissemination. FAO can further support Mali by negotiating governmental and/or climate funding for sustainability of the FFS agricultural extension system by upscaling the current project in other areas and by integrating gender and social inclusion into the policies and practices in the agricultural sector.

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