Evaluation at FAO

Final Evaluation of the Project “Building a Global Agenda of Action in Support of Sustainable Livestock Sector Development”


Is sustainable livestock production possible, and if so, what does it look like? Livestock sector is at the center of climate and environmental issues, and plays a major role in poverty reduction and food security and nutrition. In 2011 FAO began hosting a participatory multi-stakeholder initiative to address these issues, which currently brings together 105 member organizations from Academia, Donors, International Organizations, NGOs, Public Sector, Private Sector and Social Movements, as well as producer organizations. The Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock aims at being a unique forum to share good practices and build consensus towards shaping sustainable livestock production and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2018 the evaluation of this project found significant value and progress towards these objectives, in the form of increased interaction and participation and indications of new practices and policies being implemented by members. Continuing such dialogue is crucial to achieve sustainability, and should go along with collecting evidence and good practices from members. Sustainability is an urgent and critical issue and should be treated with the highest importance.

Project Code: GCP /GLO/360/MUL