Evaluation at FAO

Final evaluation of the projects "Strengthening the processes of restitution of lands and territories" and "Resilient rural communities for the construction of peace"


The final evaluation of the two projects aims to provide recommendations to support the implementation of the new project, “Territorial Transformation, Resilience and Sustainability”, which will unite the efforts of both projects evaluated. The projects succeeded in supporting the Colombian state in integrating more than 3 000 families from 23 ethnic groups in the process of restitution of their territories. The implementation of the ‘rapid recovery of agricultural production’ model, local networks of productive integration, and pilot projects of transition to development were essential in improving the livelihoods of the beneficiary communities. Improved communication with the state also contributed to the project achievements, as well as to establishing more peaceful territories with less poverty. In order to further strengthen permanent mechanisms to manage such reparation, the evaluation recommends that the future project applies innovative and replicable models to achieve the intended rural transformation; integrates a monitoring and evaluation system for local actors and organizations; continues the good practice of the gender approach established in both projects and expands training initiatives.

Project codes: OSRO/COL/603/SWE and GCP/COL/076/SWE