Evaluation at FAO

Terminal evaluation of the areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ) Tuna project, part of the "Global sustainable fisheries management and biodiversity conservation in ABNJ"


The ABNJ Tuna project was implemented globally covering all the four major oceans of the world. The project gave a relevant contribution for the attainment of several UN SDGs, GEF Strategic Goals, FAO Strategic Objectives, as well as global and regional priorities of tuna Regional fisheries management organizations (RFMOs), and the international agreements and frameworks on the ABNJ. The project promoted important transformational changes in the management practices of tuna fisheries, improving their sustainability, strengthening Marine Stewardship Council capabilities of t-RFMOs and their members, and significantly reducing their impact on biodiversity. The project generated knowledge but lacked a proper structured mechanism and strategy to harvest and disseminate it. Similarly to the programme level evaluation report, the evaluation focused its recommendations on strengthening the programmatic approach component, the partnership framework, as well as how to foster synergies among projects and capitalization of knowledge management.

Project code: GCP/GLO/365/GFF
GEF ID: 4581