Evaluation at FAO

Evaluation of the FAO Strategy for Partnerships with Civil Society Organizations


The Strategy for Partnerships with Civil Society Organizations, endorsed in 2013, has reiterated FAO’s commitment for collaboration with civil society organizations. Since then, FAO has further promoted civil society’s active participation in global policy discussions, regional and national consultations, and international forums, resulting in several formal partnerships agreements being signed. While this is commendable, FAO has not effectively integrated partnership development activities within its programs and workplans. Most partnership initiatives, particularly at the country level, are not focused on long-term relationship building, and are limited in scope and magnitude, due to limited planning, lack of appropriate knowledge management and guidance. FAO should take necessary steps to identify and map potential partners, seek establishment of multi-stakeholder collaboration, and enhance strategy implementation by establishing robust monitoring and knowledge management system, and streamlining relevant approaches and procedures for collaboration.