Evaluation at FAO

Final evaluation of the project for the promotion of biomass-derived energy (PROBIOMASA)


According to data from the National Energy Balance in 2008, 90% of the total supply of energy in Argentina came from fossil fuels. A progressive increase in the consumption of liquid fossil fuels for the production of electricity was identified, with a negative environmental impact as a consequence of the polluting emissions of greenhouse gases.

The project for the promotion of biomass-derived energy (PROBIOMASA) seeks to increase the supply of renewable and competitive energy through the production of biomass-derived energy at the local level.

PROBIOMASA increased the participation of bioenergy in the national and local energy matrix. However, the costs of biomass-derived energy generation are high compared to other renewable energies, and the competitive advantage of bioenergy lies in the positive externalities it generates. Such benefits should be more integrated in the design of future projects.

Project code: UTF/ARG/020/ARG