Evaluation at FAO

Evaluation of FAO’s Contribution in Barbados and Member Countries of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States


This evaluation assessed the overall contribution of FAO over the period 2010-2015 in a large number of small countries through operational arrangements that do not fall within the regular country office set-up. It found that the system has worked effectively to the satisfaction of partners and that FAO has played a key role in advocacy and policy formulation on food security and improved nutrition in the group of countries. It however notes that the system was designed for light programmes and can no longer meet the needs of these countries due to the expanding roles at the operational level. It recommends that in order to boost Caribbean agriculture FAO should consider providing a more holistic programme that will help transform advocacy into programmes that are more impactful and sustainable. The highlands are disproportionately affected by climate change given their geographical location and require more support from FAO to develop agriculture-specific risk management plans, particularly the preparedness for cyclones.

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