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Evaluation at FAO

Mid-term evaluation of the Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics


This evaluation assessed progress made towards outcomes and outputs at the global, regional and country levels and the impact of funding gap on the sustainability of the Global Strategy. It found that the Strategy is becoming an international reference point for agricultural and rural statistics. It is playing a catalytic role in increasing stakeholders’ awareness and contributions to the overall objectives and playing the vital role of an integrating platform for various complementary and synergistic initiatives to achieve greater impact and efficiency. It concluded that the governance structures have proven to be useful platforms for coordination and facilitation among the different partners. It noted that as host of the Strategy, FAO can help strengthen links between the Strategy and ministries of agriculture in the different regions. It recommends that to be more relevant,the Strategy should include metrics with longer term focus on sustainability, and that implementing partners should improve vertical coordination and communication within their respective organizations. Further, considering the constraints in resource mobilization, the Strategy should consider and explore other alternative models and frameworksfor resource mobilization.

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