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Evaluation of a Project, Improving the Management of Obsolete Pesticides in Benin


This evaluation assessed the extent to which the project contributed to improved management of and awareness about obsolete pesticides, including Endosulfan, and contaminated sites and materials in the Republic of Benin. It found that the project strategy and resources were adequate and well adapted to the country context and have contributed to improved management of obsolete pesticides. Tools to help improve pesticide distribution and inspection were developed and national competencies were strengthened. The evaluation however notes that awareness raising about obsolete pesticides was insufficient and that participation of Beninese women in the project was low. It recommends that staff of partner organizations that participated in the project should be involved in the next Global Environment Fund project to enhance sustainability of the achievements and tap from the knowledge and experience already acquired. It recommends also the need to strengthen the capacity of new managers and improve medical follow-up for personnel involved in handling pesticides.

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