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Evaluation of FAO’s Technical Cooperation Assistance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


This was the first comprehensive independent evaluation of FAO’s technical cooperation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It examined themes, projects and priority areas in the cooperation, including results achieved, partnerships forged and capacity development efforts. It found that the programme continues to respond to priorities identified by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture. The achievements have been substantial in a number of technical domains such as animal health, fisheries, aquaculture and environmental rehabilitation. Projects were largely successful in delivering substantial outputs and achieving targets. The evaluation however notes the lack of in-depth monitoring and evaluation data, which made comprehensive evaluation of the dissemination and uptake of results from the programme difficult. It notes that the country has not benefited yet from the full array of FAO’s services because of the absence of a strategic engagement to strengthen national food security policies and priorities with the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It recommends that future technical cooperation assistance with the Kingdom should be more programmatic, with increased attention on the crosscutting issues of environmental sustainability, gender, rural development and governance and should address issues at the policy level.

Evaluation digest