L’évaluation à la FAO

Final Evaluation of the Project: "Management of Chimborazo’s Natural Resources"


The ecosystem aimed to conserve and sustainably manage by the GEF-funded project “Management of Chimborazo’s Natural Resources" is the “páramo” which offers important environmental services such as the production of water, the capture of CO2 and great variety of native crops preserved thanks to the traditional knowledge of indigenous communities. The project's achievements were significant in the Chimborazo province: raising environmental awareness on the conservation of water resources, creation of regulations to implement compensation mechanisms for environmental services in order to improve the governance of natural resources, the approval of ordinances at provincial and cantonal level to protect biodiversity, storage and optimization of the use of irrigation water by creating committees of irrigators and water for human consumption. Future projects should continue supporting national and local governments in conserving endemic biodiversity (including agrobiodiversity) and implementing an information system on the state of biodiversity in the Chimborazo Reserve.

Project code: GCP/ECU/080/GFF
GEF ID: 3266