L’évaluation à la FAO

Final evaluation of the project “Climate Change Adaptation to Reduce Land Degradation in Fragile Micro-Watersheds located in the Municipalities of Texistepeque and Candelaria de la Frontera”


Climate change patterns, extreme weather events, land degradation and soil erosion have had a negative impact on agricultural production and the livelihood assets of poor people in rural areas in El Salvador; moreover, the country’s main water resource, within the Dry Corridor of Central America, has been affected by increase in drought.
To address these challenges, the GEF Project supported activities in the Department of Santa Ana, located in the Dry Corridor, to promote integrated natural resources management (INRM) and introduce more resilient production systems at local level.
INRM and practices implemented through inter-institutional coordination and the participation of small-scale farmers was successful. Yet, despite increased quality and availability of water and of more secure access to means of livelihood, families continue to be vulnerable and there is the need to consolidate mechanisms for local response to extreme weather events.

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