L’évaluation à la FAO

Final evaluation of the project "Promotion of sustainable land management"


The evaluation of the “Promotion of sustainable land management” project shows the innovative and integrative nature of the Territorial Management Model proposed to promote sustainable land management in semi-arid areas of Mexico. The model, which was based on the convergence of multisectoral and three-level government policies in a common goal, stands out for its effectiveness. The project contributed to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 12, through the application of agricultural practices that increase productivity and progressively improve the quality of soil and land, the maintenance of ecosystems and efficient use of natural resources. The evaluation highlighted technical aspects that should be strengthened, rating them equally as important as governance aspects. Similarly, institutional aspects were identified that should be analysed in greater depth, to ensure the sustainability and replicability of the model.

Project code: GCP/MEX/303/GFF
GEF ID: 5785

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