L’évaluation à la FAO

Mid-term evaluation of the Conservation Agriculture Scaling-up project in Zambia


This evaluation reviewed the Theory of Change, logframe, progress of the project and identified design and implementation issues to be addressed to strengthen implementation. It found that the project is making good progress towards its objectives. Nutrition and food security are improving for participating farmers as their production and income increase. The greatest incentive for farmers to participate in the project has been the improved knowledge and experience that they have gained. The project has contributed to capacity development on conservation agriculture at the individual level and to some extent at the institutional level. It has been well linked within the government system in the Ministry of Agriculture, which provides a good opportunity for ownership and sustainability. Gender issues have been integrated into the project in a practical manner; women farmers are gaining in confidence and skills, which is critical for enhancing their rights and producing results given that they are responsible for much of the agricultural work. The evaluation notes the need for additional work at the policy level and to scale up the programme. It notes the need for continuous improvements in access to legume seeds, mechanical implements and markets as an incentive for the adoption of conservation agriculture. It recommends strengthening of the project’s management and monitoring through the adoption of a revised logical framework and an extension or new phase of the project to provide sufficient time for sustaining the results.

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