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Оценка в ФАО

Evaluation of FAO’s Contribution to the Arab Republic of Egypt 2012-2017


Egypt experienced instable political situation during the past years. As a result, its food security was heavily affected. FAO’s programme focused on sustainable agricultural development for food security and nutrition. Enhancing food security also requires addressing socio-economic aspects, particularly the role of women. With FAO support, the Law Governing Agricultural Cooperatives was reformed to revive its function, reducing the control of the government and collaborating with the private sector. This was critical for extending effective support to small farmers. Animal health and disease control was up-scaled to reduce the threat to the livelihoods. Wheat sector was reviewed, and the reforms will start with the local bread (Baladi) production. The 1.5 Million Feddan Programme, to which FAO provided policy advice, is shaping the agricultural development of the land. Throughout the country programme however, the role of women in food security was not sufficiently considered and the project design was not systematically gender-mainstreamed. In the future, FAO could focus more on policy advice and food-security reform initiatives.

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