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Mid-term Evaluation of the Project “Sustainable Land Management and Climate-Friendly Agriculture”


The “Sustainable Land Management and Climate-Friendly Agriculture” Project was implemented in Turkey to improve the sustainability of agricultural and forest land use in the area by rehabilitating degraded forests and rangelands, promoting climate-smart agriculture and establishing a favourable enabling environment. The project was designed to develop the necessary strategies, plans, tools and mechanisms that will aid stakeholders in sustainably managing forest and land resources. The Mid-term Evaluation highlighted that the Project is responding to national and provincial environmental needs and priorities, contributing to the United Nations Development Cooperation Strategy (UNDCS) and the FAO Country Programme in Turkey and is aligned with the priorities of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and FAO’s Strategic Objectives. However, the team will need to better target gender equality and more needs to be done to achieve the target outputs and outcomes. 

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