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Final Evaluation of the Project “Sustainable Community-Based Management and Conservation of Mangrove Ecosystems in Cameroon”


Mangrove ecosystems provide a wide range of resources and services for people's livelihoods, which at the same time give rise to strong economic, social and demographic pressure. To address these challenges, the GEF project "Sustainable community-based management and conservation of mangrove ecosystems in Cameroon” developed strategic documents on mangroves; created platforms to promote dialogue among stakeholders; produced information on the status of mangroves in Cameroon and established a permanent monitoring system for determining changes in these ecosystems; and contributed to the launch and advancement to the final stages of processes for the classification of protected areas. While the project contributed to several outcomes at institutional level and it also increased community awareness on the importance of mangrove ecosystems, it did not achieve the expected results in support to long-term sustainability of local communities’ livelihoods. Moving forward, to see impacts there is still the need for a consolidation phase both at community and institutional level.

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