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Mid-term evaluation of the project “Disposal of persistent organic pollutants and obsolete pesticides and strengthening sound pesticide management in Cameroon”


Every year, large quantities of pesticides are used in Cameroon for agricultural production. However, without proper management of pesticides and associated waste, accumulation of stocks of obsolete pesticides has led to contamination of sites. In this context, the project ‘Disposal of POPs and Obsolete Pesticides and Strengthening Sound Pesticide Management in Cameroon’ was launched to address the problems of stocking, and to develop alternatives to the use of chemical pesticides. Project activities were found to be well defined and appropriate, aligning with the country’s priorities and needs. The evaluation, however, also notes that there are substantial delays in the implementation of activities due to slow decision-making and lack of regular monitoring. Therefore it recommends the urgent need for developing an implementation strategy for the remaining activities. In addition, meetings should be held in a more timely manner to enable members to monitor and accelerate the implementation of activities.

Project code: GCP/CMR/031/GFF
GEF ID: 4641

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