Evaluation at FAO

The Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluation's Steering Group met in Geneva


The Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluations were initiated in response to UN General Assembly and ECOSOC resolutions to enhance accountability and strengthen the collective humanitarian response by the United Nations and its partner members of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC). Since 2014, three evaluations on Level 3 emergency response – for Typhoon Haiyan, South Sudan and Central African Republic – and a synthesis of agency-based evaluations on Syria crisis were produced.

On 5-6 October, the Steering Group for the Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluations met in Geneva. With the reform of the IASC coordination mechanism underway, the Steering Group realigned its actions along the core commitments for the Agenda for Humanity and discussed the way forward. It agreed on a rolling workplan to conduct one-to-two crisis specific evaluations every year, and a thematic evaluation every two years on commitments made in the Agenda for Humanity. It agreed on an engagement strategy to raise awareness and necessary funds for these evaluations.

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